Legendary magical fights
& powerful wizards

A revolutionary multiplayer NFT blockchain game.
Free to play with a built-in play-to-earn system, all
bundled into one fluid ecosystem

About Wizarre

Wizarre is a bizarre turn-based game with magical fights of Wizards. Own epic NFT Lands to summon better Wizards, combine elements for greater spells to push your way up the leaderboard, and more! All of these great features come incorporated within the play-to-earn mechanic, so you simultaneously earn rewards while playing.

Wizarre aims to create an all-inclusive gaming ecosystem meant for everyone. This NFT game is free to play, makes it simple to earn, and leverages creative and rare NFTs for an immersive gameplay experience.

A revolutionary NFT game

Wizarre is a new type of blockchain NFT game owned by
players who contribute through actively playing.

Earn SCRL tokens by playing, leveling-up, or trading while
using them to decide the future of the game!


As you begin playing the game, the earning process begins immediately! SCRL tokens are given to players as a reward for bringing value into the game in a variety of ways from general participation.

Here at Wizarre, earning is a continuous process to make sure community members receive the maximum benefit possible.

  • Stake on Lands
  • Burn mechanism
  • A Play-to-earn reward
  • BEP-20 token

SCRL token

This token is the main currency within the game, allowing players to trade Wizards and Lands. It can also be used for staking to receive various rewards including collectible Wizarre Cards NFTs and Enhancements. SCRL is also used as a sacrifice in the Ritual of Summoning to create and obtain new Wizards.

The token is a critical element that helps power the entire ecosystem and facilitates engagement and trade between players.


Our Wizard characters come in the form of NFTs, specifically BEP-721 tokens. They’re completely magical and unique, belonging only to you and coming equipped with special designs, statistics, and powers.

Wizards are assembled with body parts and weapons, visually representing specific powers and elements of magic. New Wizards are created by a player through the “Ritual of Summoning,” otherwise known as breeding.

Use your Wizards to go on quests and battle against other players in order to win leagues and tournaments. The better and stronger your characters are, the more potential you have to make your way to the top of the game’s leaderboard amongst your peers!

Wizards in tavern


Lands are also represented through NFT (BEP-721) tokens. There’s a limited supply of Lands within the Wizarre universe and they’re scattered amongst different biomes, which determines their powers.

You can rent your Lands out to other players in order to earn more rewards, allowing you to essentially monetize your own digital property. Lands are also critical in summoning new Wizards, so you’ll need to have them to do so.

Ritual of Summoning

Two Wizards and one Portal (Land) are initially required to summon a new Wizard. Just like us humans, newly summoned Wizards inherit statistics and powers from their parents. In addition, new Wizard's powers are boosted by the Portal's element - you can use it to strengthen your pack or simply sell it on the marketplace to earn great rewards.


Enhancements are special assets within the game - they contain a variety of functional and decorative items to make them extremely customizable.

These enhancement pieces can be used on different Wizards to make them even more different and lucrative!


This NFT game is available for both computer web browsers and mobile phones, so users can play on-the-go while still earning.

Blockchain games were never this convenient to pick up and play!


Our NFT Marketplace is a special place where users can trade Wizards, Lands, and Equipment with others.

The synergy of the three will determine the future of Wizarre Universe!

Are you a Summoner?

With limited amounts of Rare and Epic portals available, this is your job to bring new Wizards into the game. Find perfect Wizards that match, send them to your Epic Land, and let the Ritual of Summoning begin!

Are you a Fighter?

Set your best Wizards, level them up, and train your gaming skills so you can be the best. Wizarre is easy to start, but hard to master. And of course, play enough and you can potentially win the highest rewards each season!

Are you an Investor?

Analyze market trends and top Wizards, make timely investments to generate real profit, or go big and become a landlord. No need to stain your hands in blood to become wealthy - but why not do both? It’s totally your call!

Road map

Q4 2021

Marketing start
Public token sale (IDO)
Token Generation Event (TGE)

Q1 2022

Genesis NFT Wizards
NFT Card Collection
CEX listing
Web App Release
First Land NFT Sale
New website launch

Q2 2022

Summoning feature
Marketplace Launch
Mobile game release
Second Land NFT Sale

Q3 2022

SCRL staking on the Lands feature
Wizarre NFT Card Collection
Land Renting feature
Third Land NFT Sale
Season leagues with rewards

Q4 2022

Battles of up to 4 players on the same map
Fourth Land NFT Sale
Wizard NFT staking (Wizard Adventure)
New Gameplay Features


New NFT Wizard elements
Lands featured as virtual homes

With the support
and partnership